• Company Overview
Company Overview

We, Ryoun Holdings, group “TEAM RYOUN” The power each company has is concentrated, and it's by a synergy effect of the whole group.
We'll respond to all customer's needs.


Js Group changed the name into TEAM RYOUN and made a new start from January 1, 2016 this time.

Cloud is exceeded as there is also RYOUN with the group name “Ryoun” in a word from the old days as “The will to keep cloud out" but staff all the members have a solved high will, and the thought that it grows aiming at the further height is included.
A logo also expressed our will in the motif of "cloud". TEAM RYOUN will raise the cohesiveness more and responds to all customer's needs, and keeps growing from society into the enterprise group said that which is necessary further.

Company Overview

Company name:
Ryoun Holdings Inc.
Norihiko Taguchi, Chairman
Minoru Hayashii, President
Headquarters Address:
4-5-1, Sumida, Sumida-ku, 131-0031 Tokyo, JAPAN MAP
Fax number
Business Activities:
Group management strategy-making, management and the work attendant in those.
Group Company:
■ Ryoun Logistics Inc. MAP
4-5-1 Sumida Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0031
TEL +81-3-3614-0111  FAX +81-3-3610-0555

■ Japan Logistics Inc. MAP
4-5-1 Sumida Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0031
TEL +81-3-3618-6000  FAX+81-3-3610-0555

■ Ryoun Trading company MAP
4-5-1 Sumida Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0031
TEL +81-3-3610-6666  FAX+81-3-3610-6600

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